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OVERVIEW Throughout her travels people have always wondered, why doesn?t she have an album of her own until now? The long anticipated time has come. Taufi Shu?lah now has two CD; s dropping simultaneously, filled with words of wisdom the NEO Inspirational Funky sound that compliment the grooves Produced by T. Marlow, Who is not new to production, and who has a number of Album credits of his own. Taufi hits the stage with a dynamic band that?s full of energy. Both CD?s have much expression and a soulful funky vibe. These two as a team really take you there. Both CD?s are a need to hear from top to bottom. She puts her signature down well on ?Yemoya? and then sends you through a soulful journey that totally quenches the musical thirst on the second CD with ?Tears Of A Girl? and pounding the dance floor for the modern day steppers is ?Rude Boy?. So Check out Taufi Shu?lah coming soon on cdbaby, I tunes and Amazon and be on the look out for her live show. She will wake you up spiritually and entertain you at the same time. Produced by: TMarlow for TM Productions 
Lyrics by: Taufi Shu'lah
 TMP Publishing ASCAP & T. Shulah Publishing ASCAP

Posted by Tracy Marlow on August 22, 2014 at 5:51 PM 941 Views